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    April 25, 2024 at 6:01 pm #14784

    Hello, recently, approximately a month ago, I prolonged the support time, and as I updated the theme, I saw the new feature, that the theme requires activating the purchase key, I did it on my virtual machine downloaded from website for the local tests before and as I haven’t used that virtual machine for more time, I deleted the virtual machine. So now when I downloaded Xampp application for the local usage it says that the activation key is registered on another IP domain. So, as I deleted the previous bitnami virtual machine on my laptop, the virtual machine doesn’t give the same IP for disactivating my purchase code from that IP.
    Please help me to disactivate my purchase code on any machine in order me to activate that key on my Xampp local host for the further usage.
    I’ll provide my purchase code and IP in the next message.

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